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Snow day

A quick video showing what’s so great (and sometimes overwhelming) about utah. Music by Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton. Happy holidays and be safe out there!


Akira bike


Revived from September 9 2010
Ever since I saw the feather cycles/tokyo fixed gear/nike bike I thought to myself “I could do better than that”. Not that that build wasn’t awesome, because it was and for how fast they put that thing together (like a couple weeks??) it was amazing, but to me it just didn’t breath the spirit of the original source bike. And so I started looking for a frame that would actually make a convincing and believable Akira theme bike. I landed on the 2010 Fuji Track Pro which I was thinking of making my next really serious track bike anyway. Now although this is just a drawing right now I sincerely hope to make it a reality some day. Now whether or not I’ll ever be able to afford the Mavic IO on the front, who knows, but a man can dream!

Bryan’s work

Revived from july 22 2010:

Above is an early drawing by my good friend Bryan Protaeu. A year or so ago I told Bryan that he was one of the most talented guys I knew, and here’s proof. This isn’t entirely finished yet but keep an eye out and you’ll see this again in the future for Killit. The great thing about having friends like this is that sometimes they get excited about projects that I’m excited about, and great things like this drawing happen. Stay tuned for more from Bryan and myself, and hopefully more of my art buddies!

Revived from july 24 2010:

Yesterday was hot again… Somewhere around 95f, so I decided to go for an exploring ride and found a pretty cool trail, that went aaaallll around, and went under about 15 bridges. Found some time for some pictures though, and I got a nice little shot of myself doing a wheelie/wheel grab, thanks to my tripod and counting down from 10 in my head. Some guy on a mountain bike rode by me while I was shooting and laughed at me. Fuck that guy.

New site

Tumblr was cool for a while but the limitations of it are getting annoying. I like you guys, wordpress, my site can be flexible here, and I like that. So in celebration of the new site here’s the oldest post from the old site, expect reposts of the old site while I migrate.

I really like this logo. It’s old now but I love it. tell me what you guys think?