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Killit Bags

I donno why it’s taken me so long to post this but here it is. I’ve been making bags for a couple years now. In the beginning it was something like “shit I really need a bag”, so my friend Jose, who worked at the SF MOMA and had this vinyl banner from there that had be given to him, so he gave it to me and I made a bag out of it. Well, in reality this was my second bag, the first one was made out of scrap vinyl I found in the trash at a local SF sign shop. That bag was kinda stupid. But the MOMA bag was something different. I’d learned a few things after making the scrap bag, and was starting to be able to come up with my own designs and concepts for new bags. I recently retired the MOMA bag after deciding it was too small for most of my bigger grocery store trips, so after making Erika’s bag it was time to design a standard large bag. What I came up with is what you see in front of you. It’s big enough for heavy/big loads, but when you don’t have much in it it doesn’t feel like a sloppy monkey gettin’ a piggy back ride off of you. I integrated two zippered pockets under the flap, and a handy little lock slot. Another feature that I decided I HAD to put into this bag was a built in cell phone/ipod pouch. So many companies sell these separate or as add-ons, but I feel like this is something you shouldn’t have to pay extra for. It’s something that should be built in already. Now of course this is the first of the LRG bags I’ve made so there’s things that will be improved upon in later versions, but I just wanted to give you a taste. See the detail pics below for more, but as you can see you can fit a lot inside (and outside) of this beast.

Price for a large bag is $165. Contact me for more info.



Gear review: PEONFX windbreaker + video!

A few months ago, as fall was turning into winter, it started raining a lot. I started looking around for a good, lightweight rain jacket that wasn’t going to make me take out a loan. A lot of the stuff out there that I saw was in excess of $100 and wasn’t really all that stylin’, which is, ya know, SORT of important, less than functionality of course. There was either the lame jackets (see big, and yellow), or really nice jackets that I’d love to have, but couldn’t justify buying at the time. In came PEONFX. Not to be confused with Phoenix. Back when I was searching around for a jacket I stopped by Pedal Consumption and saw that Patrick had thrown up pics of the PEONFX windbreaker. So I clicked, checked out their site and basically immediately ordered their windbreaker. Not only did it cost much less than I’d expected (back when I ordered it, the site was listing the singapore equal to our dollar, which ends up being less for us A-murra-kins), it came really quickly, which was good because the rain wasn’t going easy on me. Ever since then I’ve been using it on every rainy day and staying dry as hell while I’m at it. Ever since I got it I wanted to try something, which is what spawned this video, to really stress test the thing. The results kinda surprised me because out there in the world the wetness just doesn’t get in. At all. I joke to my friends when they say I’m all soggy after getting in after a ride that it’s sweat, because it is. The rain doesn’t get me, the ride does. After hoppin’ in the shower for a minute, and letting the water assault me, the only part of the shirt that ends up wet is what’s just under the zipper. I don’t notice this while riding because I’m always sorta hunched over while riding, protecting the zipper. So the only REAL gripe I have about this jacket is that it needs some sort of interior barrier of the water resistant material to prevent even the zipper from letting in water. Other than that I wear this thing all the time, even when it’s not raining, just because it looks so damn good.

If you’re in need of a good, REALLY affordable jacket head over to PEONFX for the whole spread.

BelowFour carrier

Really really cool design I just saw while browsing Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan. Refrigerated lunchbox you can attach to your seatpost??? I’M IN!!!! I think it’s sort of funny that the guys at YancoDesigns refer to your seatpost as your “pole” but hey we can’t all be bike nerds. Anyway, I love it and I want one!


Livery Design Gruppe is a group of guys I’ve been keeping an eye on for a long time. Early on their site wasn’t too much but they had some insanely beautiful and simple designs that I couldn’t get enough of. But you couldn’t order the stuff. The only way you could get anything from them was to stop by the shop or make a special order. Now their site is live. For realz. And the stuff is lookig amazing, guys. I’m really happy to see this stuff available for everyone. Really really love your stuff, guys. Keep it comin’ cause you’re giving the track world a lot of stuff they can’t find anywhere else. The selection of 1″ track forks alone is something to really admire. But enough talk, head over to the new and improved LDG site for all the goods

History of oakley

A cool video showing off the history of oakley grips, where the company started. Spotted over on the Chari and Co. blog

Awwww shit. This one’s gonna be good. More info in the coming months.

Erika’s custom bag

Now that I’m getting designs nailed down, my bags are starting to look really good. Along with making bags for myself, my friends see those bags and sometimes make requests for custom projects. My friend Erika is a cool girl, and she just about a year ago got her first fixie. She asked me to make her a bag so I happily obliged. I’d say it turned out damn good, too. Here’s some quick shots of her enjoying it, and how she’s personalized it.