Gear review: RH+O foot straps

A couple years ago (can’t believe it was that long ago) I hosted my first AlleyCat. In those days my knowledge of fixed gear companies was limited and the season wasn’t good for a race, but a few companies really helped me out. Among them was a now budding group of guys and girls in Taiwan called RH+O. They make simple stuff, but damn sturdy stuff. One of the items they sent along that ended up being left over (due to less than ideal weather) after that first race was a pair of leather foot straps. Lately there’s been a huge rush in the foot retention world after the benchmark creation of HoldFast, and there’s (sadly) been more than a few copycats. The RH+O straps are something just a little different. They’re extremely simple, one of those things you’d wished you’d thought of. So I saw the spare pair of straps and decided to throw them on my ride. The pictures you see above are the straps after more than a year of use. And they were still going strong when they were replaced with some more traditional double straps. The thing I really like about these straps is that the focus of your pull when you go to skid is more balanced and centered on the top of your foot than with traditional straps. This is extremely helpful when you either just start learning how to skid, or you like the ability to skid easily (who doesn’t). They took some getting use to, don’t get me wrong. The first time I went out with them I felt like I was skidding for the first time, but after a few tries it was second nature. The only gripe I have about these is that the leather gets a little beat up if you’re the type of rider that leans into your turns a whole lot, but even that being said they held up for a very long time. They look weathered, yeah, but I put them through the ringer, and they came out the other end being something I could depend on when bombing any kind of hill. One last awesome thing about these: since there’s no metal parts, you don’t have to deal with listening to that horrible scratching sound you can sometimes get when not in your clips on traditional clips and straps. That’s sort of a big deal, and something that gets really annoying on the old style clips.

Head over to RH+O or shoot Michael an message to get more info on RH+O goods.

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