Gear review: Chrome Hip Pouch

About the same time I started using the RH+O straps I started testing out a hip pouch Chrome was nice enough to throw my way for the same race. It’s a shame about that race. It had bright beginnings but after being rained out on the first race day, there just wasn’t the right kind of support on the rescheduled date. Anyway, sad stories behind I thought I’d give the hip pouch a test. Again, the picture above is after more than a year of use. And let me say right off the bat that this thing looks, and works, as good as the very first day I put it on. and I mean that, take look, the thing looks brand new. And the thing is damn light too. Cordura + poly liner make for an extremely durable, lightweight product. The design is smart as hell too, it’s not a traditional bag design, and it’s not a simple flat on flat sew job either. It’s clever, and that’s what makes it what it is. It’s big enough to carry anything you need for the day, like tools, a tube, some patches, and there’s an interior pocket to throw your wallet and phone into without worrying about them getting banged up. Aside from all this praise about the pouch, Chrome is honestly one of the best groups of people I’ve worked with, they’re always super helpful, friendly, and welcoming. If you want to see what I mean just walk into their shop on third street in SF, they’ll welcome you like a friend.

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