Killit Bags

I donno why it’s taken me so long to post this but here it is. I’ve been making bags for a couple years now. In the beginning it was something like “shit I really need a bag”, so my friend Jose, who worked at the SF MOMA and had this vinyl banner from there that had be given to him, so he gave it to me and I made a bag out of it. Well, in reality this was my second bag, the first one was made out of scrap vinyl I found in the trash at a local SF sign shop. That bag was kinda stupid. But the MOMA bag was something different. I’d learned a few things after making the scrap bag, and was starting to be able to come up with my own designs and concepts for new bags. I recently retired the MOMA bag after deciding it was too small for most of my bigger grocery store trips, so after making Erika’s bag it was time to design a standard large bag. What I came up with is what you see in front of you. It’s big enough for heavy/big loads, but when you don’t have much in it it doesn’t feel like a sloppy monkey gettin’ a piggy back ride off of you. I integrated two zippered pockets under the flap, and a handy little lock slot. Another feature that I decided I HAD to put into this bag was a built in cell phone/ipod pouch. So many companies sell these separate or as add-ons, but I feel like this is something you shouldn’t have to pay extra for. It’s something that should be built in already. Now of course this is the first of the LRG bags I’ve made so there’s things that will be improved upon in later versions, but I just wanted to give you a taste. See the detail pics below for more, but as you can see you can fit a lot inside (and outside) of this beast.

Price for a large bag is $165. Contact me for more info.


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