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Macaframa event next week

It’s things like this that make me want to be moved back to SF just one short month sooner. I would do anything to be at this event but I hope you all enjoy it in my absence. Head to Macaframa for all the info (Lots of prizes! GO GO GO!)


PEONFX shoulder pouch first impressions.

A few days ago, along with the stuff they sent along for SF Sprints 2, PEONFX also sent along one of their brand new shoulder pouches to test out. So far I haven’t given it the most extensive use, but I have used it enough to get some initial impressions. First thing I noticed when I put the thing on was that the strap was a little short, so the pouch ended up sitting pretty high on my back, as you can see above. At first this really bothered me but after a day or so I don’t mind it at all. I talked to Kat from the team and she said it was because of the size difference between asians and white folks (like myself). I kind of had a feeling this had something to do with it but I wasn’t gonna make anything weird by sayin’ anything about it. Yikes. Anyway, she said they realize us crackers and americans in general are bigger (fatter, we’re a fat country), so they might end up extending the strap a lil bit, but if not the thing is still a really nice little pouch. Something else I noticed about the pouch is that it actually works really well as a hip pouch also. That’s nice versatility. Two big pockets are featured in the pouch, which are big enough for tools, snacks, a camera (I actually discovered this bag works really nicely as a dslr bag, by detaching your lens from your body. Of course if you’re carrying your expensive camera around, be careful, throw some extra padding in there if you feel like it, and hey, If you’re carrying your camera around you ought to be careful anyway!), a shirt and socks, some candy, whatever you need. The capacity is somewhere between a hip pouch and one of those drawstring backpacks. Another nice little feature is a little pocket built into the strap, great for some extra change, earbuds, whatever. One last really nice thing about it is the weight. When it’s just got a couple things in it you barely notice its on you. You also don’t get the annoyance of having something on your waist sticking out when you sit down, since it’s on your shoulder. As the months go on I’ll keep using the little guy in any way I can to test it out, so expect a full detailed review later on down the road. For now check out some extra shots below.

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Pedal Consumtion tool pouches

Just saw these sick new tool pouches over at Pedal Consumption. The fact that the guys over there are putting out stuff like this makes me really happy. More to come I’m sure and you can expect the best quality. Made by Blaq, loved by all. Head over to the PC store to get yours now.


Peonfx is slammin’ the hammer hard lately with all the new stuff they’re coming out with. Today marks the release of their new hats that they worked with Cool Caps to create. Really classy look with some modern touches. Just look how happy that mannequin head is. Swipe one up for yourself over at PEONFX.

LDG + Hurley = mad colourz

Nate shot me an e-mail today about a project him and the LDG shop have been working on recently. Collaboration bikes are a dime a dozen these days with companies trying to edge their way in on the fixed gear lifestyle as it grows bigger and better. Affinity has drilled out a few collaboration bikes, like the ones they did with RLX that were simple as hell but with bold touches. Feather cycles and Nike came up with a decent lookin’ akira bike on a super fast deadline, which was impressive for a small manufacturer. LDG has entered the market of collab bikes by working with Hurley on a bike to mirror the look of a pair of their board shorts. Sound like a stretch? Well yeah but creativity lives in some really weird places. The guys at LDG made this something really unique. Check out their blog for all the gritty details.

Cute little bastard

German kids are fuckin’ crazy.

Saw this little clip over at Fixed gear girl taiwan

Lo pro

Progress on the lil lo pro bag is coming along. The idea is to get it as right as possible the first time around so that everything down the road just gets better. For this first one I’m gonna tag on this nice little logo. I like it. Might use it some more. Can’t wait to get back into SF with a new place so that I can just start screen printing this business. Cause when that day comes… Watch out. Also head over to SF Sprints for an update on some prizes.