It’s winter.

This picture was taken over the weekend. It was chilly but in the end it was a beautiful day. SINCE then the shit has hit the fan. I sort of thought, moving to utah for this year, that it would mean just a lot more snow, but I guess this year is different. Don’t get me wrong there’s been plenty of snow but today it was five degrees. 5 degrees. Five degrees when I left for work this morning at least, at 5.30am. By about 10 it was a whopping 3 degrees. This is the kinda stuff that weeds out the casual bikers from the people that are dumb enough to go out. Putting on clothes this morning took more than 15 minutes with all the layers I had to put on. Then when I finally did get to work I couldn’t really feel my hands or feet, but a certain sense of pride comes from being able to do that, ya know? I read an article I spotted over at Bike Blog NYC that sums it up pretty well when they say (about cyclists) “they seem to be the only ones prepared for the winter”. I really respect the guys in NYC who are braving way more than I am. I don’t like riding in the snow either but just like my friends in NYC, you gotta do whut you gotta do. A gear photo is what comes next. Maybe I’ll get out tomorrow for a leisure ride and snap a shot of my typical cold weather attire. Until then, I hope you guys are having a warmer winter than I am, and if you’re not, stay warm out there that ice is slippery on those breakless wheels!

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