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Trip to SF

Last week me and Abby drove from Utah to San Francisco. Driving separate cars and most of our belongings it took us about 12 hours, maybe a little more. There was insane winds going through Nevada, snow going through the pass, and rain in SF ALL WEEK. Which made it annoying because we brought our bikes and wanted to ride more than we got to, but at least it made us focus on the task at hand. We found a sweet little studio in the outer mission that’s going to be awesome when we get it all set up next month. Here’s some pictures from the week, mostly from the bachelor party my friends threw for me.


A week in SF

I’ve been in SF for the past week looking for a place to live after me and Abby get married next month. It’s been a FAST trip, but we finally found a really nice place in the outer mission and got to see a lot of good friends in the process. We’re heading back to Utah for now but we’ll be back in another month to start settin’ things up. This picture is a sneak peak, of how I looked all week showerless and tired. There will be more later when we’re done traveling.

L’Eroica 2011

I generally don’t like reposting stories from other blogs because, honestly, if you’re reading this right now chances are damn good that you read the main bike blogs, and you’ve already seen anything I could think about posting, but this is something I couldn’t pass up. I was over at Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan and saw this amazing video of this years L’Eroica race. Take the time and watch this all the way through, it’s definitely worth it.

This is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in a while. Something completely foreign to most of us. But a feeling that you can experience just by looking at all those bike fanatics being together. It’s all about the bikes, its all about the love for the bikes. It’s not about who wins and loses it’s just about who takes the time to participate. Like the race organizer said, above all it’s about the effort. This is something that I’d dream to put together in the states. There’s too much damn competition now’a days, and while the Sf Sprints races I put together have a winner and it’s about the competition, it’d be so refreshing to go to something where there’s just a passion for bikes in the air, and for that to be enough.

Chari and co. Incase sling reup

Chari and co just threw up and update about a restock of this lovely DSLR bag made by Incase. Kinda looks like the lo pro bag I’ve been working on, but obviously mine isn’t made to tote around your DSLR. It is cool to see more sleek designs like this floating around though. This thing looks like the PERFECT bag for a photographer on the go like myself. Head over to the Chari and co store to get one for yourself, and at a damn good price too.

Josh of Macaframa

Macaframa just put up a nice little spot on their friend Josh who did all of the screening for the crosstown traffic event this last weekend. It’s awesome to see someone doin’ it the old fashion way, and it’s even better to see that he’s studying at SFAI, which is the school I graduated from last spring! Keep it up man!

Macaframa crosstown traffic results and pics

So it looks like the guys and gals at the crosstown traffic event had a great time. Chas came out first, Steven Tortorelli took second, and Jason Clary squeaked out third. Click the image below to see all the official images from the Macaframa crew. Hope to see lots of cool events like this in the near future.

21st Ave cycles

Every time I see one of these 21st Ave cycles spots it makes me homesick for Oregon. At a lot of bike shops in a lot of places you shouldn’t be surprised if the people working there make you feel like you’re interrupting their day, or wasting their time with your lack of knowledge, but 21st Ave seems like a place that would welcome you like you were coming home, and that’s something everyone should appreciate. Shops like this one, Box Dog, and a few other rare gems make the shop experience a pleasure. And dats what it’s all about mutha trucka.