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Red Bull Ride + Style set up

Today I went out on a long ride and made a stop by Justin Herman Plaza to see how the set up for tomorrows event was going, since it was early in the day they hadn’t gotten much set up, but it was nice to be there before the madness of tomorrow hits. Check it out.


Cool moped

Being back in the city and thinking about a way to get around (for longer trips) without having to shell out nearly five bucks a gallon has driven me to browse around for scooters/mopeds. Saw this one while looking around tonight and daaaaaamn guuurl, that thing is sexy. All electric, 125mpg? I’ll take it! Like most things, since this thing looks cool it’s not real yet, but here’s hoping I can not afford one of these in the near future.

Head over to Lito for a total lack of hard information, but some cool pictures.

San Francisco

I’m finally back in San Francisco. For good this time. Me and my new wife moved back early this week and have been literally building ikea furniture and working on the place since we got here. Today we finally got internet, so I’ve basically been doing all of my business on my phone lately, which isn’t easy. The city is a beautiful place, and this week we’ve been having some good weather. Our place is way out in the outer mission but it’s kind of nice being this far out. Close enough to the city where you can ride down there in a half hour or less, but far enough out to get something a lil different. It sucks cause I haven’t gotten much time on the bike since we’re working in Millbrae right now but I’m on the lookout for work in the city (if anyone has leads let me know). Now that I’m back in the city I feel that Killit has really begun. This site, this brand is about the city, it’s about cycling in San Francisco, it’s about our culture, food, people, art, everything that’s awesome about San Francisco. Something that’s recently happened that’s AWESOME is that PEONFX has asked me if Killit will sponsor a fixed Crit race they’re holding in singapore, and since they’ve been so good to me and such good friends I told them I’d be more than happy to, so more on that will come in the next week or two.

It’s good to be back. I’ll see you all in the city.

New LDG Tank Fork

By now this is old news, it was a long day for me so it’s just now that I’m sitting down at my computer to make mention of it. Nate from LDG has been sending me a lot of FGFS stuff, because that’s where it seems the company is leaning with their most recent developments, but since that’s not really my/this blogs focus I usually don’t post them since you can easily find them at other blogs, but this one caught my eye. I’ve been contacting the guy recently (like I made a post about before) about track forks without brake mounts, and while this post has nothing to do with that, this new fork of theirs is extremely exciting. Usually when you see a company putting out a new part, it’s just a resurrection of a classic model that we’ve already all seen, with LDG things end up coming out really unique. I’ve been thinking and wondering why no one has tried putting out a more aero foil steel track fork like you use to see on some old bikes, if for nothing other than looks. The new Tank Fork by LDG goes along with the kind of thinking that can bring new and interesting designs to an EXTREMELY over saturated market where a lot of manufactures just want to say they make forks, or stems, or whatever it might be. This thing looks burly as hell, and as with all LDG goods it manages to do it while looking really really good. Head over to Livery Design Gruppe for the full story as well as some updates on their new free style frame. Now let’s hear some fast bike news guys!

Upcoming Mash events and end of the month love

The weather is feeling really really nice lately. Even here in Utah it’s been sunny and warm the last few days, and there’s nothing better than riding your bike in shorts and a t-shirt. I know things have been just as nice in SF which makes me excited to be getting set up in our new place there in a couple weeks. Mash put up a lil sneak peak of some of their upcoming events that we all have to look forward to at the end of the month. The biggest event, of course, is the Red Bull Ride + Style on the 30th (read John’s write up on it here), but the night before Chas is gonna put on a nice pre-event warm up alleycat and then on sunday mash is putting on another hill climb event. This Red Bull event is going to be like the super bowl of fixed gear, so I’m sure I’ll see all of you there. I’ll prolly be passing out SF Sprints flyers or something. It’s gonna be a good weekend though with more than enough to do.