San Francisco

I’m finally back in San Francisco. For good this time. Me and my new wife moved back early this week and have been literally building ikea furniture and working on the place since we got here. Today we finally got internet, so I’ve basically been doing all of my business on my phone lately, which isn’t easy. The city is a beautiful place, and this week we’ve been having some good weather. Our place is way out in the outer mission but it’s kind of nice being this far out. Close enough to the city where you can ride down there in a half hour or less, but far enough out to get something a lil different. It sucks cause I haven’t gotten much time on the bike since we’re working in Millbrae right now but I’m on the lookout for work in the city (if anyone has leads let me know). Now that I’m back in the city I feel that Killit has really begun. This site, this brand is about the city, it’s about cycling in San Francisco, it’s about our culture, food, people, art, everything that’s awesome about San Francisco. Something that’s recently happened that’s AWESOME is that PEONFX has asked me if Killit will sponsor a fixed Crit race they’re holding in singapore, and since they’ve been so good to me and such good friends I told them I’d be more than happy to, so more on that will come in the next week or two.

It’s good to be back. I’ll see you all in the city.

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