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Sf sprints 2/John Reiss




John got some amazing pictures of sf sprints on Saturday. Head over to his flickr for the whole set.


Rey Sevilla


Rey raced at SF Sprints  yesterday and got some really nice shots of the event. Check out his blog for the whole set.

Killit at SF sprints

Since I was doing double duty at the race yesterday I’ll let you all know that the hip packs and messenger bag you saw yesterday are now for sale. Black cordura hip pouches with vinyl interior are priced at $35 each and the messenger bag that was given away as first prize is set at $150. Feel free to email me with any questions you might have about either, and expect an extra sales page to be added to the site during this holiday weekend.

Until then, get out there and killit.

Artist: Green Glasses

It was a good day. While searching around online for some inspiration for the spoke card I’m working on for SF Sprints next weekend, that Mission Bikes has volunteered to print and laminate for me I stumbled upon an artist by the name of Ben Mounsey, otherwise known as Green Glasses. The 50s style artwork is something I’m playing with for the spoke card so it was pretty cool seeing what this guy does. Head over to his website to check out his stuff, nice to see all the bike related work in there too!

PEONFX: Bagabike bike bag

I’m in LA for a couple days, but that doesn’t stop the goodness. Kat at Peonfx sent me over some shots of their new bike bag and it looks really cool. I’ve been wanting a bike bag for a while now and for $189, not bad at all for a nice bad. They’ve also got a TON of new (and really genuinely awesome) shirts you need to check out. Go to Peonfx for more!

Mash is killing it

For real. Check out this new video of the hill climb race this suday they posted to their site shot by Steve Murder.

MASH TWIN PEAKS MAIN RACE from Storts on Vimeo.

Full on set from Ride + Style

It’s been a long super busy weekend FULL of bikes. Something the city needs a lot more of I think. Since I’ve been back in the city for the twoish weeks it’s been, I really haven’t seen many track bike riders downtown, but seeing everyone all in one place was amazing, and you could see how satisfied the riders were. Head over to my flickr a full set of shots from saturday, and let me know what you guys thought of the event.