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Maca easter egg

Speaking of Maca doing so well they just posted up this easter egg from the first film. Apparently hidden on the title screen somewhere (who knew), it doesn’t really feature bikes so much as it does the city. Really nice little edit. It even has a short clip of my neighborhood, the outer mission! Das whussup!

Check out their writeup on the video here


Macaframa is killin’ it

The Maca guys have been really busy lately and their site is reflecting that. Updates every day showing off all kinds of new stuff, here’s a shot of the guys rollin’ around some alleyway. Can’t wait to see the new footage.

Hipster city cycle

After much waiting and more delays than you can shake a crank arm at, Hipster City Cycle is now live (this is actually old news, it’s just that I’m now realizing it’s been released). Now we can all live out our showoff messenger dreams on our phones! And all in the streets of Philly. For two bucks it seems like a pretty awesome deal, especially for something that actually looks like it’ll hold your attention, which is something hard to find in iphone games. Head over to their site for more info, or search the app store to download it yourself. Android coming soon!

Delayed Mash bars and unlucky weekend

It was a rough weekend. Me, errol and RP went to San Jose to give the velodrome a go and got there to find that there was some weird family festival going on that shut down the whole park. Huh? No idea how that makes sense. So basically we drove all the way out there for nothing, and found out that the hellyer site didn’t make mention that the park would be closed. Hermph. At least we got a nice ride through some trails, and got a couple bike portraits of rp and myself. Rp’s bike is one lightass mutha trucka. 90 buck nashbar frame with a zipp? That’s a race winnin’ bike right there.

Part two of the bummer weekend happened yesterday when I set out for the Mash store on what was suppose to be release day for the new bars to find the store closed. Bummer. I rode over there again today, it was closed again but luckily someone was there to talk to at least, I’m assuming it was Mike since he seemed to know a lot. Anyway, the deal is that Cinelli has been having major delays lately across the board, so we have to wait on the goods. Who knows how long at this point but as the site says they’ll be emailing tomorrow, so hopefully that means more info for those of you who pre-ordered from afar, and those of us who are local and are biting our nails for the release. Hopefully the guys’ll throw in something extra for the trouble?

Here’s hoping for a GOOD WEEK!

Mash shop stuffin’ it’s pockets

Mash has had a revitalization in the last few months. After a long time of quiet, they’ve successfully opened up their storefront, been really involved in the scene, and have been just generally enjoying the summer with the rest of us. Their online store has more or less blown up lately with a HUGE selection of some of the best stuff you can put on yourself or on your bike. Head down to shop on 14th in the castro to say hey to the guys, or shop online at the webstore to check out the goods. Keep it up guys, you’re doin’ a lot of really good stuff.

Mack Hubs

The more I look at these the more I dig them. I wish I’d had the kind of budget on my current build to use at least one of these hubs. You can get them in basically any drilling, low or high flange, and they come custom too. Can you beat that Phil wood? I think NOT! Check out more at Mack, pure bicycle art.

LDG layin’ some hammerz

As usual, LDG is killin’ it. Nate sent me an e-mail with some details of the Hammer frame/frameset/fork that is now in stock! Head over to LDG for more details, or give them a call at 714-374-0900 to place your order. $450 for the frame, $200 for the fork, and $600 for the set. Not bad at all for a beastly frameset.