Sketchy streets of San Francisco

Tuesday afternoon was a day off, so I headed out on the bike early to get stuff done. I took my time getting downtown from the outer mission because it was one of those downpour days we’ve been having lately, so by the time I got on market my wife was on lunch so I stopped to eat with her then back out in the rain. Hit the art store cause they were having a crazy sale and it was time to stock up on screen printing ink. Being over in north beach by that point I headed through Chinatown and back downtown to take Market back home. Somewhere roughly across from the Market street theater is when the shit hit the fan. I was going along with traffic, in the bike lane let it be noted, a car must have been behind me because at the point it caught up with me it was literally on me. The front of the car had met the back of me/my bike to a point where the car was driving up onto me, along side of me, making full contact with me. I held on for a while, trying to gain back some control on those soaking streets until finally something happened and I was flying over the bars onto the ground. I slid along the ground for a while, ending face up on the pavement when I saw my bike literally fly completely over me. That’s the one thing I remember from that crash, nothing else just that image of the bike zooming over me but thankfully missing me. I scrambled to get up and onto the sidewalk and to my surprise the guy in the car had stopped. The guy got out, asked me if I was okay (obviously I wasn’t, blood all over my arm), asked me if I wanted him to take me to the hospital (obviously I didn’t, you just hit me with your car dood). I told him I thought I’d be alright but that my bike was messed up.


The fork had been messed up and the tire was rubbing up on the frame, with random other damages on parts here and there. I kept telling him that I wanted him to take care of my bike because i wasn’t about to have him fuck me and my bike up and just get away with it. The good news is that there are a ton of good people in SF, there was a nice older asian lady that saw the whole thing and gave me her information in case I needed a witness, there were a few homeless folks asking if I was okay. And after the whole deal I stopped off at a coffee shop right next door to donut world where the guy took me upstairs to give me some bandaids and let me use the sink to wash off my arm. It’s cool that there’s good people like that. So I’ve been using some of the money I got out of him to replace stuff on the old bike and to get a new bike together. When I met him to get a check from him he told me he had spent a lot of time on a bike, a mountain bike because he said he was scared of the streets, for good reason with drivers like himself out there. I told him I think we both need to be more careful (by which I meant I should wear a helmet, you should stop driving like a psycho), to which he said “no I need to be more careful”. Those streets are tough to be defensive, and watch out for those crazy drivers…

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