Delayed Mash bars and unlucky weekend

It was a rough weekend. Me, errol and RP went to San Jose to give the velodrome a go and got there to find that there was some weird family festival going on that shut down the whole park. Huh? No idea how that makes sense. So basically we drove all the way out there for nothing, and found out that the hellyer site didn’t make mention that the park would be closed. Hermph. At least we got a nice ride through some trails, and got a couple bike portraits of rp and myself. Rp’s bike is one lightass mutha trucka. 90 buck nashbar frame with a zipp? That’s a race winnin’ bike right there.

Part two of the bummer weekend happened yesterday when I set out for the Mash store on what was suppose to be release day for the new bars to find the store closed. Bummer. I rode over there again today, it was closed again but luckily someone was there to talk to at least, I’m assuming it was Mike since he seemed to know a lot. Anyway, the deal is that Cinelli has been having major delays lately across the board, so we have to wait on the goods. Who knows how long at this point but as the site says they’ll be emailing tomorrow, so hopefully that means more info for those of you who pre-ordered from afar, and those of us who are local and are biting our nails for the release. Hopefully the guys’ll throw in something extra for the trouble?

Here’s hoping for a GOOD WEEK!

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