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Low rider build

Andrew just put up this picture of a rider’s build. I think this is a special color the customer requested? If it is, it was beautiful in person right after it got back from paint, and is lookin’ reeeaaaal good complete.


Poland updates

If you haven’t been keeping track of fixed wheel photography‘s coverage of the events going down in Poland you should be. So far about the best press the event is getting. Here’s a couple from the main race, and for more, including some of SF boys Steve and Chas, head over to the blog. Looks like the race is a SERIOUS challenge judging by the look on ol’ Steve’s face below.

Ritte x Moth Attack

The 5th floor put up these pics of a Ritte and Moth attack collaboration bike rockin’ some tubular edge wheels. Pretty serious collab, including the details seen below to bring the whole thing together. Very, very nice.

Uhhhh… What?

Sometimes nature throws us curve balls. This being one of them. Is this sum kinda joke?! Via Kentalog

Street laser

America is so behind the times not riding bikes like this around the streets… From here


Saw this Makino over on the 5th floor. Pretty amazing stuff, on the link they got it from a commenter makes mention that they were made for the 2000 sydney olympics. Check out that rear triangle. Aero as shit.

New colossi whip, two tone beauty

Seems like Jan and the boys and girls over at Colossi are coming up with something every week. Check out their latest below. Stunning. And those bars are CRAZZZZYYYY, I bet anyone would love to get their hands on a pair of those…

Check out the full set at the flickr.