DSLR bags

It’s interesting, because there’s been a lot of buzz around the new Chrome Niko today, which is warranted, it looks like a solidly built camera specific bag that’s priced right, but the type of bag isn’t exactly the only one out there. I’m here to point out a few options so that hopefully you can make an informed decision if you’re planning on getting a bag to take along your expensive camera without dealing it a great deal of punishment.

$132.50 including shipping in the states

The first DSLR bag I found, and that impressed me. The Wig SLR is made from 1000d with PVC coated nylon rounding things off on the inside like you’d expect, but I think what sets this one apart from literally all the others out on the market is the design. This bag has two independently positioned pockets, meaning that when you wear it you don’t have a block sitting on your back, instead it wraps around. That might not sound like a big enough deal to make or break it,but it means a whole lot when you’re out there on your bike. Main camera pocket is big enough to hold fully assembled SLR, and extra pocket has room enough for whatever else. Sorta like a hip pack plus a padded camera pocket. I’d wear one.

InCase Sling pack
$79.95 + Shipping

(pic stolen from chari and co again)

Incase knows their way around a bag. That’s no question. When I first saw this one it caught my eye because I saw it as something as an evolution of the classic camera bag that tends to be an over the shoulder type deal rather than a resting comfortable on the back joint. It blends the idea of that classic bag with the design of a sling messenger for comfort and accessibility, the only drawback of this one, for us as cyclists, is that it doesn’t seem to have any sort of stabilization chest strap to keep you from doing the get-back-on-my-back shrug. Side and top handles round off the package. The price gives you a great value, plus it has a spot to strap on your tri-pod, hell yeah!

Chrome Niko
$95 for pickup here in SF

The new kid on the playground seems to know what’s up. Chrome, and the guys and gals from the store here in SF, having had experience with them myself, are top notch. Their new bag is made of 1050d nylon (I guess you can’t say cordura when it’s not the actual brand), with 18oz tarpaulin on the inside. Nice little zipper setup seems pretty study from the pictures plus an upper pocket which looks perdy stiff to hold your extras. Kind of a no nonsense cycling specific camera bag that won’t take any breaks when it’s on the job.

Which one is the best? Basically up to what you wanna use it for and what fits with personal taste, but they’re all good choices. If you’ve got a pricey camera, you owe it to yourself to pick up a bag like one of these three, because you’re gonna feel really stupid if your $1,500 wide angle decides to leap out of your messenger bag, huh?

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