Cyclist death, unnecessary negativity from press/police

Wednesday morning in Soma a 25 year old woman named Nancy was hit by a food truck in the intersection of fremont and mission st. The interesting thing about the story that is causing a lot of controversy in the local cycling community is that the comments added to the story by SF Weekly are extremely unnecessary and honestly, sort of disrespectful in light of a cyclist losing her life in the accident. The story mentions that Miss Ho had made an “illegal left-hand turn” which is frustrating and misleading to locals because of the extremely blurred lines that cyclists live in riding in the city of San Francisco. We’re either lumped into laws regarding automobiles, or when it’s convenient forced into the field of pedestrian laws. The article condescendingly mentions “delivery truck collided with Ho, who was not wearing a helmet at the time, police said”. Slightly backhanded comment if you ask me. The original article SF Weekly reported makes offhanded mention of a collision between a cyclist who ran a red light and a 60 year old women, an event that has absolutely no bearing on the accident involving Ho, and only bolsters the idea that cyclists are somehow criminals that are something to be feared. The overall mood of these articles is that cyclists are breaking laws, hurting people, and when they themselves get hurt are at fault. Are you fucking kidding me? I’m hoping that sometime in the not too distant future us cyclists can look forward to our own laws that actually help make sense of urban environments where there’s more than just cars and people on foot.

My condolences go out to Nancy’s family, she was doing what she thought was right and is obviously not getting treated very considerately for it. No one needs to lose their life.

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