A local team of geniuses (seriously), came up with a pretty insanely good idea for a tire that pumps itself up while you ride. Supposedly the tech behind the tire will inflate your tire up to proper inflation and shut itself off when it gets there. The fact that this idea came about at all is pretty cool, but the fact that it’s getting a boost via their kickstarter is nice to see. Will it revolutionize the way you ride? Probably not the way it is right now, but I think the development of this tire could spur further concepts. It would be more appealing to the core audience if the components making up the technology could rival or surpass the weight and aerodynamics of the traditional tire/tube setup. The valve of the pumptube looks a tad bulky yeah? But like I said, cool ideas/prototypes like this lend to even more advanced ones, so I’m excited to see where this goes! If you wanna support the project go to their Kickstarter RIGHT NOW!

Peeped this on Laughing Squid

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