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BFF shots

Shoulda posted these several days go but I’ve been too damn lazy. There ya go. Anyway, me and Abby went to volunteer at the Bike Film Festival, originally thinking we were on valet duty but ending up passing out flyers instead, which worked out great since we got to see bill cunningham new york which was amazing. So if you ever get the chance to see it do it. Also got to see the start of the alleycat which was cool, and somehow John put me and abby in charge of watching a whole shit load of expensive unlocked bikes while their owners waited around the corner. Good festival all together, even though I didn’t get to see the Macaframa short that I woulda killed to see.


Colossi x flwrider

Flwrider took on friends Jan and his son Sander of Colossi as riders for the team and put up this awesome picture of Jan Kicking ass and drillin’ hoes into the ground. For more, including their rider profiles, check out Flwrider.

Bike Film Festival

The BFF is kickin’ off tonight’s events at the historic Victoria Theatre just off of 16th and Mission. Me and my wife Abby will be working the Valet tonight so come by and say hello!

Mash drag race

Kinda shocked not many places have posted about this yet, but in an effort to not waste your time by posting stuff you’re gonna find in a million other places here ya go. Not convinced the helmet cam is the best way to film this stuff, since last years race video looks miles better and is more entertaining, but maybe there’s footage yet to be seen? Let’s get back to the old style mash filmin’ boys! All the details and racap can be seen here!

colossi pursuit

Colossi doesn’t mess around. They’re out with a new stock pursuit frame that looks lovely. I’d love to see this thing built up. More info on how to get your own can be found at the colossi website

Back pain

K I like pursuit bikes but fuck. This is like a colon exam. Saw it over on RoadKillmeLone and apparently it was on Ebay for a while but got pulled. Bummer.

Sick tires

Belgian artist Wim Delvoye takes tires and makes them into amazing works of art. How cool is that? Who’s mind have you blown lately? Via Plenty of colour but check out more at Wim’s site