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Forever bicycles

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, name the “most powerful artist of 2011” by Art Review, has made this insane bicycle sculpture called “forever bicycles” which will be featured in a show called “Ai Weiwei Absent” at which the artist will be, predictably, not in attendance. Maybe when I have an art show in the future I’ll call it “Ukiah Pearson isn’t coming” so that I don’t have to show up. Cool sculpture though!


Supermarket Streetsweep

It’s over a month away, but mark your calenders NOW!! The supermarket street sweep is always a big deal and the food collected goes to a great cause. And look at that list of sponsors!! I’m thinkin’ of getting in touch with them and donating one of my new small bags as well. So get the day off and get your ass to this race!

watch and be confused

Saw this over on the 5th floor, the korean indoor bicycle gymnastic championships? That’s a combination of at least two too many things. Watch this and think to yourself how this ever came about, cause I did, and I couldn’t come up with anything, just a stunned look on my face.

Early start

Massan Fluker, 1985

SF Sprints is famous

The dude from FixtheCity posted a picture at the first big race I organized SF Sprints, but no mention of ya boy? Whussup???

Monster Mash

As usual, Mash is throwing their annual halloween race and this year it’s taking off from the Sutro Baths cave at 6pm on the 28th (friday). All bikes are welcome but only brakeless fixed riders will podium, and there’s a first female prize ta boot! Be there or be dead!


By artist Kerem Ozan, spotted over on Colossal. All of his model stuff is insane, so go check it out!