New Strap

The last year has been a chance for me to really kick my products into high gear, and along the way I’ve come to a lot of realizations about my designs by testing them out myself to decide what’s really important in a bag. The great thing about making and testing my own bags is that when something doesn’t work, I redo it and redo it until it does work, until it makes me happy, until it makes my ride to work in the morning easier. That’s the goal for my designs, to rework everything from the clips to the straps until you never have the thought “I wish it were more like this, I wish it had this feature” because then having the bag in the first place is pointless. What you see above and below is my new standard strap, the strap that will now come standard in all of my bags because it works. The reason it’s so universal is because it includes everything your standard bag didn’t think to include. You’ve got a cell phone pouch big enough for your superphone no matter what kind of case it’s in, and a little coin purse for those little bits you just need a tiny bit of space for. Aside from it being functional as fudge it looks damn good! I love this strap and I can’t wait to hear back from more of you about it!

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