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Dead week

It’s been one’a those weeks, not gonna get anything done. Happy turkey day if I don’t make it on here tomorrow!


The devil

Saw this piece on velencia the other week that put a smile on my face, since I know the guy who does these and it’s good seeing him gettin’ BIGGG. Get out there and check it out, across the street from Mission bikes.

Colossi goin’ cyclocross

Seems like all the fixed gear homies are jumpin’ on the cyclocross bandwagon lately. I don’t really get it so much but then again I’ve never tried it, so it could be awesome. Anyway, the boys over at Colossi just threw up a cyclocross frame on their Flickr, seen below, as well as a road bike, for that matter. Nice detailing, solid construction.


There’s something about the Bridgestone Anchor having a 1″ steerer that just melts my heart. All that tech with an old school fork? There’s somethin’ special about that. And those wheels are fly as hell too. Check out more fancyass bikes at Kentalog.