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post st

Pretty sick triumph seen on post st today.


Pretty great little video, definitely worth watching. Just damn good bikes being made by the rider. Via Milano fixed

Face smash


Shimano shuriken hub, that shit is cra-zay. that’s a hell of a way to make a 16 spoke wheel.

Lady santa

Damn santa you lookin GOOD! Merry Christmas everybody.

New fujis

Since owning a fuji I’ve sort of kept a closer eye on their bikes, interesting to me that they’ve ditched the seat mast seen on the track pros of the past three years and gone with an aero seatpost for more adjustability. Makes sense I suppose but definitely interesting, maybe the masts don’t check out in the wind tunnels? Who knows, looking forward to seeing what becomes of these new frames, they’re starting to look less angry (the good kind of angry)