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New piece by Zoltron over on Velencia. Always happy to see this guys stuff on my way to work.



I’ve got a passion for stickers, well I guess moreso of an unhealthy obsession for them. I’m picky when it comes to stickers and only really love the ones that have had a good deal of time spent on them to make them something special and actually worth sticking on something. I’ve been slowly working on a side project to somehow catalogue worthwhile stickers to make it easier for people to find and get them. If you’ve got any suggestions for me (and I know there are SOME people reading this) please let me know. American, european, japanese, I’m interested in all of them so get at me about ’em! Photo courtesy of mister Benny gold

Greg Abbott

A pretty great artist I’ve been looking at a lot today is Greg Abbott, check out his blog for a whole lot more goodness

Haha. Via fixed stockholm

LA from above


Saw this cool carbon GT bike at the science center in LA (which is free and cool, so go check it out if you haven’t) last week, more pictures to come from the trip. Surprisingly I didn’t see a single track bike in LA that I was impressed with, just a bunch of really ugly poorly put together fixies.

Los angeles


Im in LA for the week with my wife and her brothers for our birthdays so I won’t be posting as much, but I’ll try to check in as much as I can.