Highly designed helmets

Bike safety is something we all think about and these two designs are definitely something new on the scene. The first one, hövding, was designed by swedish (of course) design company hövding sverige ab and is basically an airbag for your head. While this sounds extremely unpractical in as an idea the actual thing works out pretty damn well, check out the test dummy footage below and tell me this thing doesn’t know what it’s doing. The mechanism on the collar powers on when you snap it into place, and powers down when you take it off, housing a rechargeable battery for power. I can remember a particular day riding down market when I saw a girl get trapped in the cable car tracks and go down hard who could have used one of these things. Can you buy one you say? Fuck yeah you can! Head over to their store to get one for yourself.

The second entry for designy helmets is the “overade” helmet by Patrick Jouffret with Philippe Arrouart. The idea is to give you the protection of a regular helmet with the ability to fold away for quick and easy storage when you’re not wearing the thing. Who knows how the thing would actually fair in a crash but it’s an interesting concept none the less. This one isn’t a production model yet .

Stories via Designboom

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