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Game changer

Saw this over on Flwrider a second ago and basically lost my shit. Keychains suck, the old kind at least, you’re always digging your fingernail in that shit and you’re thinking “this sucks, why is this so HARDD”. And if you’re putting a bike lock key on one of those things? Faggitaboutit. Good luck reading the website to get your own, I’m sure gonna try.


Fishermans warf

Saw some old friends today and felt real good about it. Missed these guys. Well the last guy in the line I don’t know but he seemed cool too.


I’ve been a lazy ass in terms of making posts due to a bigger batch of messenger bags, but this caught my eye. I was over on Patrick’s site and saw the trispoke below by the chaps over at brick lane bikes. What interests me about this is that it’s rare that these individual bike companies come out with a trispoke or similarly all in one carbon wheel. Sure they come out with their own branded carbon wheels every once in a while (BLB being one of them), but seriously when was the last time you saw a wheel like this that wasn’t made by HED, or back in the old days specialized, ffwd, or Mavic. I’m interested to see how these perform, and if they are indeed a wheel designed and engineered by BLB.


Gettin’ that work done!


Clean that muthafuckin’ chain!


Last year

This year.

Damn sucka, you crazy!

That’s how you killit!

Evil dead bike from peacock grove. Check out that CHAIN!!!! So sick! Pic grabbed from urban velo