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Obviously built for bmx type dudes as you can see in the video, the guys on the fgfs bikes were tearing that thing apart.



Well ride and style weekend is coming to an official close, and while there’s still a ton of bike dudes in the city finishing off their vacations west I’m back to work (I was actually back to work straight after the race yesterday). Seems like every year I get a sunburn on this weekend. Next year I’m bringing a whole bottle of sunblock. The minidrome thursday was insane, and many riders had a difficult time even staying on it, the Chrome party got shut down early so I basically filled out my paperwork only to find out that somehow from the night before I’d been bounced to an alternate position rather than being in the top 32 which had been announced thursday at the minidrome. Some sort of clerical error? Who knows, I was pretty pissed about it but as I was in the first alternate position I decided to show up on race day prepared. I show up yesterday at J-Herman plenty early to talk to Aaron, the guy running the show and he tells me this guy Blake never showed up on friday to register, so I was racing for him and I would be given his bag as well. Perfect! The track this year was smaller than last year, with some pretty aggressive banking around the corners and a gnarly stair gap about half way through, but it was also fun as hell, I wish I’d gotten pictures of it all but I’m sure Prolly’ll have some up in the next day or two. I went up against David Trimble of Red Hook fame (which I hadn’t realized until way later) and slid out on the bricks right after the first big turn. Bummer, just happy I got to race this year, next year I’ll be bringin’ it even harder. The champions of the day, Addison Zawada and Josh Boothby, did some amazing work. I didn’t stick around for the freestyle event because of work but Addison ripped past ALL the local talent like Chas, Walt, everyone around here who makes it look so easy. Crazy.

The confusion of this bag had me riding to chrome, back to Justin Herman, and back to chrome again but I finally got it once Aaron was cool enough to let them know I’d earned it. All in all in was a fun year and I can’t wait for next time. I’ve got a quick video of the minidrome, my only audio/visual accomplishment of the weekend, which I’ll have up on here later tonight.

Killit in Maui

Three days have never gone by faster. Had an amazing time in Maui with this lil lady, the official Killit supermodel.


Headin’ off to Maui for a few days, see yuh guys later!


Going back to family’s house you feel like a kid, but when that means all kind’sa candy that’s not a bad thing


Expanding sheath

Here’s a sneak peek of a new flagship bag for killit. This bag is sturdy and above all it’s extremely versatile, from being completely flat to carrying a hefty load, it’s one of the only bag you need. This one will be up for grabs at a couple races in the states and worldwide, and will be available for sale real soon. Shoot me an email for more info.

The future

A quick look at where Killit is headed in the near future. Stay tuned for more. I’ve been very busy making my bags more accessible to you guys and hope for continued support as things evolve.