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time off


haven’t been posting much because there’s been a lot going on. SF Sprints wrapped up, got a day to recover, then immediately went camping over at Steep Ravine just south of Stinson beach. More pics soon, and more info on the official site coming in the next couple days. Stay tuned.


Audi E-bike worthersee

I don’t really, at all, understand what need there is for a hybrid electric street/trick bike but I guess Audi is into it. I feel like, especially from Audi, there could be a really stylish street speed bike made using some of the same design elements seen on this bike. It’s probably a weird concept to me because this isn’t the part of the bike world I live in, but I’m all for the innovation! Check out the whole story over at DesignBoom 

Expanding sheath for sale!

Until the real deal website rolls out (which will happen soon) I’ve added an Expanding Sheath page to the “for sale” tab. Get yours today!

Cycling club

Not real, and way smaller looking than a real velodrome, but a pretty cool idea! Head over to designboom for the details.

Killit Stickers now in stock!

Just in are these awesome Killit stickers made by Melanie over at Luv Sik Grafix. Made of high quality white vinyl, these things will hold up in any condition and wrap very nicely around bicycle tubing. To get some for yourself, head over to the “for sale tab” at the top of the page or shoot me an email at


Great video from Red Bull on the ride and style. Check me out at 1:57 jamming’ up with Dave Trimble!

Amazing grass

It’s not often I gush about a product, but I’ve been using this stuff a lot lately and figured it was worth a mention. Brandon from Amazing Grass sponsored last years race and was very generous to give us so much to give the racers. Bummer part of it was that last year we had a rain storm about an hour before race time so the turnout was slightly less than expected, this meant I had some extra samples left over from Amazing Grass. Unfortunately the guys at the race had the mix the drink mixes with straight water, which isn’t the best way to enjoy this stuff. Lately I’ve been mixing them into my recovery drinks before or after a long ride. This is how this stuff is meant to be used. Need a recipe? Here ya go:

1 cup soy milk/whole milk/skim milk/almond milk/dolphin milk
1 cup Frozen Strawberries
1 scoop whey powder
1 pack/scoop Amazing Grass chocolate Green superfood mix (or any other flavor)

Pretty easy, throw it in a blender and enjoy. Good flavor, it fills you up and it feels like you’re putting something good in your body. Nuff said!