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The power of plastic

Bike locked up to a window gate in my neighborhood with plastic grocery bags. Uhhhhhwhut?


pride parade

Waiting for my wife after jammin’ through endless crowds of drunk idiots downtown hoggin’ the cross walk on my lights! C’mon teenage girls in you underwear, that ain’t cool!

Killit phones

Apparently a popular Phone sticker!





I’ve decided I need to start posting more, even if it’s just about my everyday life, so here’s some shots of the camping trip I got poison oak at, then was miserable for a week with, awesome!

Hollow axels?

Donno what’s going on here but I LIKE IT. Via roadkillmelone

Keirin Pop Stars

Saw this over on Macaframa, those guys got some MOVES!

Atomic 22

I was over at Macaframa and stumbled on something that I’d found online now coming on a year ago. Back then the release date was the summer of 2011, but as things usually go complications come up and dates are pushed back. The point is they’re now available, or at least it seems that way from the website which has recently gotten a facelift. Like I said before, this stuff is a new level of slick security for your bike, making it an annoyance for anyone to try to steal parts on that expensive build of yours.

Atonic22 is the new standard for high bike security, keep an eye on them.