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More colors more bettah

“Girl’s Keirin” via kentalog. Best bikes ever!


shit weather

Everyone else in the world is having a great time in Jakarta and I’m stuck with a ride to work in this. You suck right now San Francisco.

Mike Giant show

For anyone who doesn’t know, Mike Giant is having a solo show this Saturday at FFDG (2277 Mission st) from 7-10. Lots of work, including some of his older stuff, as well as skate decks throughout his career. Should be a good one! See ya’ll there!

Fixed Fest

Fixed Fest’s main race is over and the top three spots were taken by three SF dudes! Congratulations to Walton, Chas, and Marc for taking home the win. Photo courtesy of Mash

roadtrip recap

Been back from the road for a few days and man, nothin’ tears your legs down like being off your bike for a solid week. Just a few pics from the trip, basically in in-law fest, seeing both sides of my wife’s family.

For the whole family

Babies love Killit bags too. Best bag around to carry when you’re shreddin’ around on your sweet fixie whip and you need to stop for some cheerios and apple juice. Sick.

Road trip day one





Day one of the road trip involved a whole lot of driving through the baron wasteland of Nevada. Lots of abandon buildings, and even some people broken down on the side of the road we stopped to help and realized they probably weren’t legit. Spending the night in Ely Nevada (i’ve never heard of it either). More soon!