Cardboard bike?

Pretty wacky idea, but the final product looks pretty good! It’s said to cost no more than about 15 bucks for this guy to put one of these together. Crazy!

Via Laughing Squid





Never a dull moment on this thing. The backpacks are coming along. What do you need out of a backpack? What’s lacking in the mass of commercially available packs out there? Let me know if you have any suggestions.


May not look like much now but this little thing is the first test of a new backpack I’m working on. Big things to come.


What’s up with these enormous forks on (some) olympic track bikes this year? Some new space age technology? Photo via cycling news

Monkey pack

Seal, winner of this years SF Sprints, and his liddle man Samson, sportin’ his Killit messenger bag.

More colors more bettah

“Girl’s Keirin” via kentalog. Best bikes ever!

shit weather

Everyone else in the world is having a great time in Jakarta and I’m stuck with a ride to work in this. You suck right now San Francisco.